Popular gospel songs of all time

Gospel music began gaining popularity in the late 19th century thanks to the introduction of instruments-pianos, guitar among many other inventions in the music industry. Through the contributions of evangelists such as Charles Homer Rodeheaver, gospel music has climbed the ladder to be an important component in our lifes to date.

Research in the 21st century has confirmed the relation between gospel music and your mental well-being, psychiatrists believe that gospel music can help eliminate depression and anxiety because of its slow and inspiring messages. In addition, gospel songs can be a good accompaniment to your meditation exercises to keep you relaxed and feeling better all day long. Here are some of the greatest hits of all times.

I smile‘: By Kirk Franklin.

This song got the ears of the world, its dedication on depression and unemployment gained lots of love in the recent years becoming the first song in 12years to be ranged at top #100 hot hits of all times.

This song was named as the best-recorded song of the year 2012 during the Music Association Dove Awards with the artist named for the gospel album of the year award on the same occasion. Why this song is considered HOT by most people? Well if you are a fan of the artist- Kirk Franklin, then you should be aware of the band “Tell Me If You Still Care” of 1983 and 1973 Little Feat song “Fool Yourself.”

Touch The Hem of His Garment‘: By Sam Cooke- Legendary song

This was a gem that was an inspiration to many people who were seeking justice back then in the 50s, this song makes it as one of the best oldest songs to ever exist in the music industry.
The song is being referred to as the sign of hope to many Americans and it brought together different races with the song widely used to spread Christianity in ministries by scholars.

Marian Anderson: ‘Move On Up A Little Higher

This was a gem that was recorded by H. Brewster in 1946, the song purpose was to ask the church to move up higher in presenting the grievances of the blacks in the United States and up to date is still remembered as the greatest gospel song to ever exist in history- Long live the name of the Artist.

Down By The Riverside‘- World War Finest By Nat King Cole

The song is spiritually seeking the end of wars in America. Its relevancy still applies to this day and most people still listen to the gem.
The song was published in 1918 and has won a collection of several awards in Chicago.

O Mary Don’t Weep‘- Bible Messages of Hope by Bruce Springsteen.

The art in this gem was written through a careful understanding of the American Problems in the 19th Century, it seeks an inspiration of the bridge from the wilderness that the people were in.
This gem includes the version of other songs such as Burl Ives and Peter Seeger. It has appeared to be no expiry song with its immortal quality in the music industry. The song has been named as one of the best of collections among many other gospel gems.
Which gospel resonates with you the most? I hope you find your favorite hit today to boost your soul with.