Telling the Gospel Through Story

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Well we all love them – family stories, religious stories, romantic stories, celebrities’ stories, political stories and so on. Something just happens. And what then? We pause to listen. We just can’t let go if it. We desire more and that story itself pulls us in. This powerful mode of communication is preferred by many, in fact, all of us! This tool can also be quite effective while dealing with oral communicators.

The book “Telling the Gospel Through Story” is about preaching stories from the Bible. The objective is to get people acquainted with their Bible, and those who are really interested in that, are already believers themselves. The writer of the book, Christine Dillon, has been successful with storying with a wide array of audiences. According to her, Bible preaching through stories is an effective and interesting way as compared to most other religious presentations. In fact, she actually enjoyed herself storying and kept writing more and more.

What Are The Benefits of Bible Storying?

It not only offers substantial foundation about the Bible, but also helps listeners to easily comprehend, apply as well as respond to the doctrine, and then revel in God’s services. According to the author, these stories are used intensely by God to touch the hearts of people and enthral them to himself.

What Does The Book Include?

It offers practical knowledge and guidance on how you can formulate a good story, how to preach through storying, and how to indulge in Bible discussions. In addition to this, it provides specific steps along with concrete understanding for all those who are working in cultural diversity.

Why Should You Read The Book?

This is a phenomenal book and especially Christians must read it as Dillon shares her insights that she has studied about effectively telling stories. She helps people comprehend the relevance of, and different means and ways to share Bible narratives. Also, she honestly answers all the queries that come to the mind of the reader. However, she hasn’t employed this method so that everyone rushes to her, but this approach may have the best chance of listeners hearing the entire story and desiring more. So here is why you must read the book:

Christine understands the power of God’s ceaseless story and that is why she desires to put this across through the book so as to communicate truth that may change the listeners completely.

The book focuses on how God deals with humankind and thus, it is the best story you would have ever heard. She recommends this book for everyone – experienced as well as new workers.

She learned the methodology of narrating a story and instantly started using it. So over the years, she not only improved her skill set but also formulated her own methods. This ongoing progress has been key in Christine’s success. Now that she has penned down what she has learned, it is a must-read for all those desiring to develop a similar skill set.

At last, this is certainly a practical book on the concept of Bible storying. The book not only inspires and encourages but also helps you to utilize the art of telling a story often, thus sharing the messages of the Bible.